Share offer update: Two weeks in and almost halfway there!

The Sacred Earth office window

Outside the Sacred Earth office window, where I’d like to be.

As summer has gently been giving way to autumn outside the window, it’s been a week of ups and downs in the Sacred Earth office. On the upside, we’ve been enjoying working closely with partners to get the word out there beyond our own close network of supporters in Sussex. On the downside, we’re knackered! It’s been an immensely exciting period but now we’re beginning to look forward to reaching our target so we can begin implementing our action plan on the land itself and hopefully start spending a bit less time in the office!

If you’ve invested during the last seven days, thanks very much! We’ve raised almost £4,000 during this period which has helped us keep momentum going. Have you shared the good news about your pledge? Please do so, the personal touch makes a real difference when it comes to piquing the curiosity of friends who could be potential investors.

According to the logic of crowdfunding campaigns, there is almost always a surge of interest/investment at the beginning, followed by a quiet period in the middle (sometimes described as “The Trough of Despair”!) and then a final surge at the end which hopefully gets the project over the line. A third of the way through our six week campaign we’re tantalising close to raising 50% of our initial target of £30,000. This is a great place to be as we look forward to the quiet, nervous couple of weeks ahead.

However, we’re not saying our share offer campaign will necessarily follow this logic. Ours is a truly radical and pioneering project and by their very nature these kinds of endeavours invariably carve a different path. There’s loads of stuff happening which will hopefully keep momentum going. This weekend Sacred Earth founder Phil Greenwood and landowner Roger Ross will be at the Resurgence conference in Oxford talking about the share offer to anyone who will listen. If you’re at the conference come and say hello! On Sunday 2nd October Sacred Earth and Sacred Seeds have a stall at the wonderful Stanmer Apple Day organised by Brighton Permaculture Trust – if you live in Sussex this is a fantastic day which is not to be missed which features (amongst many other wonderful things) the best Apple Crumble we’ve ever tasted!

We’ve already received wonderful support from Embercombe and wetheuncivilised – two projects which are very close to our hearts. Next week also look out for more guest blog posts on the Permaculture Association and Indiefarmer websites as well as messages of support from lots of other partners.

Check out our latest blog posts! Keep spreading the word! Have a great weekend!


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