Our education aims

  • To strengthen and support child development
  • To raise awareness of the need for nature connection
  • To build relationships between food and nature
  • To support existing educational systems

Our vision is to co-create a living model which reflects a way of life that is in balance and connection with all aspects of the natural world. We aim to educate individuals and groups of all ages about the importance of ecology and support them in a process of reconnecting with their embodied sense of belonging to the natural world.

Our approach to education is fundamentally experiential. Through stories, games, arts and crafts and a whole range of other practical activities, our educational programmes foster the development of more meaningful relationships with all aspects of the natural world, including within ourselves and each other.

Creative, embodied exercise and play are vital ingredients for healthy childhood development and adult wellbeing. Our workshops and programmes provide opportunities for adults and children alike to play in a fun and safe way at the same time as enriching everyday outdoor activities with games and crafts designed to stimulate the senses and engender a deeper experience of being alive.

Find out more about our rites of passage year course for teenagers and our courses and workshops for adults.

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The need for nature education

An increasing body of research clearly demonstrates the adverse effects of spending less time outdoors on people of all ages but especially children and teens. The Children and Nature Network have created an extensive library of research about nature education.

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