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How are we benefiting the community?

Sacred Earth is an organisation with social, educational, agricultural, ecological and therapeutic aims. Read about some of the benefits of the work we do in these areas.

Sacred Earth Community Benefit Society

Community support and co-operation are at the heart of everything we do. To help us continue meeting our objectives and to encourage new members, in 2016 we became a Community Benefit Society (CBS) – an organisation which has community values and accountability built into its operating principles.

Our experienced and hard-working management team guide and nurture our projects and ensure we’re staying true to our aims, but we’re owned by the community. All members are shareholders and have a say in how the organisation is run.

Community shares

Buying community shares makes you a member of the CBS and this has proved a powerful way for people to take control of the things that really matter to them – from starting new community enterprises to saving vital assets in their a local area like shops, pubs and libraries; the valuable institutions which bring and hold communities together and make resilient, strong, supportive and inclusive.

September share offer

We’re delighted that our share offer in September 2016 was a fantastic success. It was an opportunity for a whole range of people with different backgrounds and interests to get involved in a project which is working hard to prioritise the importance of connecting ecology with agriculture, education and health in order to build healthy and resilient communities.

We successfully raised more than £40,000 through the sale of community shares. This was match- funded with a £20,000 loan and £20,000 grant we received via the Just Growth funding programme. The money we raised will be invested in tools, infrastructure and skills to support a variety of new projects on the land, with the ultimate aim of creating a profitable, sustainable, ecological, community- owned business.

We are still looking for new members/shareholders, so if you’re interested in joining us, click here for more information.