//Biochar Packaging Update and New Consultancy Service

Biochar Packaging Update and New Consultancy Service

Happy new year! We hope you had a restful festive period and enjoyed time with family and loved ones. At Sacred Earth we’re starting the new year with announcements about the packaging of our Biochar Soil Booster and the launch of a new biochar consultancy service.

Send your packaging back!

As it proved impossible to find eco-friendly packaging that could contain our biochar’s turbo-charged potency (it broke down two layers of thick paper within weeks!), we are still selling it in plastic tubs. But now you can send the tub back to us when you’ve finished – at no additional cost – so we can refill it and send it to another customer.

Multi-purpose tub

The black plastic tubs in which we package our biochar have many potential uses. They can be repurposed as a bucket or a planter or as storage container for small items, like Lego, clothes pegs or just those random bits and bobs that everyone has lying around their home.

Should you not have a use for it, however, you can now return it to us, free of charge. We will then refill it and send it out to another customer. The details for how you do this will be in the purchase confirmation email you receive after payment has been taken. All you have to do is rinse out the tub, put its lid back on, tape down its handle, stick on the freepost address – with which you’ll be provided in the email – and put it in the post.

With this new system, we can avoid being purveyors of single-use plastic and remain true to our ultra-environmental ethos – because re-using is always better than recycling.

Biochar consultancy

If you would like some one-to-one expert help with how and where to apply biochar to your own garden, land, allotment, farm or woodland, Sacred Earth is now launching a unique biochar consultancy service, for those around 30 minutes’ drive (or less!) from our site in East Sussex. Our founder and resident soil expert, Phil Greenwood, can come to your site and talk you through a bespoke plan for where and how to apply biochar. He can also provide detailed information on its numerous benefits.

If you would like to book this service, more details can be found here.

Winter soil

As it happens, now is a great time of year to add some biochar to your soil, in preparation for spring and the growing season. The eco-friendly charcoal  offers unparalleled benefits when it comes to soil fertility. Baked at a lower temperature than standard charcoal, it has a uniquely porous surface that makes the ideal home for the beneficial microbes and fungi that are essential to soil health. They thrive in the multitude of infinitesimal nooks and crannies that cover its surface.

Soil is a living ecosystem. Adding biochar to it helps revive the microbes on which it – and all life on Earth – depends. Soil containing biochar is more nutrient-rich than standard soil. It has lower rates of nutrient depletion during the growing season and, as a result, higher plant density and crop yields at harvest. It’s also less acidic, making it more favourable to plant growth. What’s more, it has improved water retention capabilities. It can endure a long hot summer and, seemingly paradoxically, extremely wet weather too. This is because its drainage is much better, due to biochar’s porous structure.

Our Biochar Soil Booster not only contains biochar handcrafted from the natural wood waste left over after sustainably managing our woodlands, but also a unique recipe of other soil-boosting ingredients, like seaweed worm casts, comfrey tea and biodynamic compost preparations. Try some today and reap its many benefits, not just this season but for years to come – because, unlike other soil amendments, biochar is a one-off application. It’s scientifically-proven to stay in your soil for centuries. So if you add some to your garden now, you will be boosting the soil health for the next generation too. You can buy some here.

We hope that you, like us, are taking stop in the depths of winter and looking forward to the spring not far ahead. Wishing you a fantastically fruitful 2019!

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