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Biochar Consultancy

We are now offering a unique biochar consultancy service. Our founder Phil Greenwood can come to your land, woodland or farm to provide you with bespoke advice about biochar application. He can also give you in-depth information on its benefits.

Phil will look at the specific aspects of your site – in terms of water supply, drainage, soil quality and soil make up. He will then work out a tailormade plan for where and how you can apply biochar to improve the health and ecological richness of your land.

Soil Health Expert

Phil has trained in horticulture, arboriculture and biodynamic agriculture. An expert on soil health, he understands how biochar can enhance soil fertility by creating an ideal habitat for the beneficial microbes and fungi that are essential to our planet’s most important ecosystem. With his expert guidance you will be able to improve the long-term health of your soil for generations to come.


This consultation service is open to anyone who has land – from gardeners to farmers to woodland owners and plant nursery managers. Available for those in a 30-mile radius of our site, it costs £60 for a two-hour site visit. To book, please call Phil on 07554 127926.