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Perfect for your garden or allotment, Sacred Earth’s Biochar Soil Booster is a potent soil improver – made with the eco-friendly charcoal known as biochar.

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Biochar for your soil’s long-term health!

As featured in magazines including Amateur Gardening, Permaculture, Grow Your Own, Country Living and Sussex Life, our Biochar Soil Booster is designed to improve soil fertility and water retention – and so boost plant health and crop yields.

It contains the eco-friendly charcoal known as ‘biochar’, which has been handcrafted from the wood waste left over after coppicing and pollarding our woodlands. Its other ingredients are comfrey tea, seaweed and biodynamic compost preparations. You only need to dig it into your soil once to enjoy its amazing long-term benefits: improved soil fertility, enhanced soil structure, greater crop yields and better water retention and drainage.

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How does biochar help soil?

The structure of biochar makes it the perfect home for the beneficial mycorrhizal fungi and friendly bacteria that are essential to healthy soil. Made by burning sustainable plant and wood waste at low temperatures, in the absence of oxygen, biochar is more porous and absorbent than common charcoal. Its surface is pitted with miniscule nooks and crannies, in which beneficial micro-organisms and fungi can flourish. When a healthy microbial ecosystem is established, a plant’s root mass will become larger and, in turn, allows plants to take up more water and nutrients.

How is this product made?

This super strong soil amendment is an artisan product. We make it by hand in small batches in our Sussex woodland, using the highest eco-friendly standards. We manage the woodlands that cover much of our beautiful 40-acre site using the age-old pruning techniques of coppicing and pollarding – which are environmentally regenerative, rather than just sustainable, because they boost further tree growth. The arising wood offcuts are baked at low temperatures in our on-site kiln to make biochar. It is then ground by hand and blended with our carefully selected recipe of other soil improvers.

Why is it superior to commercially available soil amendments?

It’s a live product, bursting with the fungi and beneficial bacteria essential to soil health. Many of the soil amendments and composts you can buy in chain retail outlets have been pasteurised at a high heat, a process which kills off micro-organisms. We don’t see the point in that. Soil is a living ecosystem and should be bursting with microbial life.

How do you use it?

Sacred Earth’s Biochar Soil Booster only needs to be dug into soil once. You have two options. You can dig it into the soil directly, or you can mix it with compost first and then dig it in. If you do the former, there is no set square meterage of soil to which to add biochar. Even tiny amounts can bring about results. However, we’d suggest approximately 1kg per square metre, if your soil isn’t good and a little less if it’s not too bad. If you want to add it to established plants, we’d suggest incorporating a good few handfuls around their roots. You’ll need at least 1kg for a small tree.  If you decide to add it to compost first, we would recommend one part Biochar Soil Booster to nine parts compost.

Please note: the revival or establishment of microbial ecosystems can take time, depending on the current health and makeup of your soil. Please be patient. Sacred Earth’s Biochar Soil Booster is designed to improve the long-term health of your garden soil. You might not see its benefits the first season, but it will greatly improve your soil’s function over time.  

When do you use it?

Sacred Earth’s Biochar Soil Booster can be used all year round. However, a good time to think about improving the structure and general health of your soil is in the autumn- winter season, when the growing season has finished. Soils rest during this period, making it an excellent time to add amendments designed to rejuvenate it.

Update, October 2018: Please note: we did have our Biochar Soil Booster in biodegradable packaging (2 compostable plastic liners and a paper sack). However, it’s so potent, that it broke its way through these three layers in the few short weeks since we launched in September. If nothing else, this proves its potency! As an interim measure, we are using plastic tubs, but we are researching new eco-friendly packaging that will contain such a vibrant, living, organic substance and hope to resolve this issue soon.

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