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Fight climate change in your veg patch or flower beds

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Two of the greatest threats facing life on Earth are soil infertility and runaway greenhouse gases. Did you know you can take action against them by simply digging something into your garden?

Not many people understand how grave the soil situation has become. Over a third of the world’s soils are ‘acutely degraded’, according to the UN. In the UK, environment secretary Michael Gove has admitted we’ve only 30 or 40 years of harvests left, if we carry on as we are.

When it comes to carbon emissions the situation is hardly any better. Even fossil fuel big wigs have admitted that we’re not on track to reach our own goals for reducing them.

These problems can feel overwhelming, but one easy way to take individual action to help fix them is to dig the charcoal known as ‘biochar’ into your garden or allotment. Backed by environmental icons like Al Gore and former Nasa climate chief Jim Hansen, biochar has been scientifically proven to rejuvenate the microbial ecosystem of the soil and, as a result, enhance plant health and crop yields. It also acts as a carbon sink, stably sequestering carbon in the ground for the long-term. And now you can add it to your flower beds and veg patch.

Sacred Earth’s Biochar Soil Booster is a new soil amendment that’s ideal for gardeners who care about the planet. Sacred Earth is a community-owned environmental organisation that runs nature workshops for children and adults. Handmade on our organic woodland, our Biochar Soil Booster can be added to compost or dug directly into the soil. We make the biochar sustainably from the naturally arising wood offcuts created by coppicing and pollarding trees (basically pruning them to encourage further growth). We then crush it by hand and mix it with a unique recipe of other soil-boosting ingredients, including seaweed, comfrey tea and biodynamic compost preparations.

As we’re a not-for-profit organisation, all proceeds from the sales of our Biochar Soil Booster will go back into maintaining our beautiful 40-acre rural site or supporting our nature education work. You can find out more and buy some by clicking here.

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