//Why ‘Sacred Earth’? Why support us?

Why ‘Sacred Earth’? Why support us?

Wakan: Sacred song of connection

Jon Young explains the rich meaning of the Lakotan word “wakan” and how it has been mistranslated into the English word “sacred”.

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We chose Sacred Earth as our name because, for us, the underlying meaning of the word ‘sacred’ is ‘that which fosters connection’. It also implies a reverence for a relationship with all things. We view the earth as our mother because we are born from her and she provides everything we need: shelter, water, food, air, fire and connection with others. These are the essentials for human survival.

When we have strong relationships with these aspects – when we show respect and give gratitude and thanks for them – health and happiness often begin to emerge from places of discomfort and anxiety. When we foster connection to self, to others, and the world of nature which surrounds us, we can begin to walk in balance – perhaps even in beauty.

This is our organisation’s role in society today: to support, nurture and foster connection, especially in young people. To help establish healthy relationships with all things through community building, education, nature connection and biodiversity through our agriculture and conservation work.

Our aim is to create a place where people can learn, work on the land, play and express their creativity so that they can move towards a culture of connection, rather than the disconnected one we live in today.

We ask the questions: how do we want to live? How do we want our children to live? How do we dream into reality the culture of connection that all our hearts are yearning for?

Please join us and support our vision of becoming a beacon of possibility in the south east. Help us to become a farm of the future, full of life and biodiversity. Help us help those who are suffering to connect to themselves and the world around them. Join us to give a voice to all those beings who are not human, who cannot speak up for their needs but who deserve a voice in this world today. Let’s work together to change things for the better. Thanks for your support.

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