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We offer experiential outdoor learning programmes both in schools and at our site in Horam. These are aimed at students of all ages, to enhance their learning journey and support the school curriculum. Our staff are highly skilled and trained in delivering a wide range of outdoor learning experiences including:

  • nature connection games and sensory awareness activities
  • creating art using materials from nature
  • survival scenarios: shelter building, safe water, fire lighting, foraging
  • bushcraft skills including: whittling, plant fibre string, clay to pots, natural dyeing
  • wild cooking
  • plant lore
  • using stone age technologies
  • working in teams
  • storytelling
  • mapping, natural navigation and orientation
  • archery.

We offer school camps, wild days out, nature days at your school, inspirational teacher and staff inset days and other bespoke programmes. Some common outcomes of our programmes include significant boosts to:

  • problem solving
  • attitude
  • observation
  • empathy
  • organisation
  • self-confidence
  • responsibility
  • communication
  • awareness
  • teamwork
  • leadership
  • respect.


School camps

These provide an immersive experience like no other. Days spent exploring, learning and adventuring. Evenings spent sharing food, stories and songs around a camp fire. Falling asleep, happy and tired, to the sounds of the forest. Waking with the dawn chorus and experiencing a sense of magic, space and timelessness that has become rare in our modern world.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect way to celebrate a year group or individual class’ achievements, or want to bring an area of the curriculum alive through outdoor learning, our camps are a great way to support your students’ development.

Cost: £55 per student per day. A typical four-day camp would cost £220 per student.

Work with us to design a camp which supports your curriculum objectives.
The cost includes healthy, wholesome meals, all resources and excellent tuition.
Schools need to organise their students into tent groups and parents should supply tents and sleeping equipment, or we can supply them for an additional charge.

Wild days out

Bring a class to our beautiful 40-acre site in Horam to explore, learn about and connect with some of the diverse wildlife and ecological systems we have here. If you are hoping to cover a specific area of the curriculum, we can design a bespoke day to meet your needs.

Activities can include most of the items outlined in the school camps activities above.

Children will need to bring their own packed lunch and suitable clothing as we will be outside all day.

Cost: £15 per child with a minimum day fee of £350 payable for groups of under 25.

Nature days at your school

If you’re unable to organise transport to our site, we can come to you. If you have natural areas on site we will do our best to maximise use of these. If not, we can do demonstrations of Stone Age technologies, such as flint knapping and fire by friction, or bring natural artefacts to engage the students.

Cost: £15 per child with a minimum day fee of £350 payable for groups under 25.

Inspiring your teachers and inset days

Time spent in nature is relaxing, enlivening, rejuvenating and (with help from our team) can inspire your teachers to bring more nature into the classroom and to create more learning opportunities outside. We can run your inset day within your school grounds to demonstrate how you can maximise your facilities.

One of our key aims for the day is to leave your teachers feeling more confident and empowered to take more of their teaching outside the classroom. We also aim to provide them with lots of ideas about how to work with nature in order to meet their wider curriculum goals in creative, exciting and engaging ways.

Cost: £50-80 per teacher with minimum day fee of £360.


Contact for bookings and further information.

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