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What is Sacred Earth?

Sacred Earth is a community land project which was set up on the 40-acre site of an abandoned brickworks, near the village of Horam in East Sussex.

We provide experiential outdoor learning and mentoring projects in which nature plays a key part. Our flagship programme is called the Earth Steward Apprenticeship, which helps young people develop their social and emotional intelligence.

We also support entrant farmers, rural craft entrepreneurs and nature-oriented therapists by providing affordable access to land, tools, infrastructure, mentoring and project management support.

The land itself is equally important to us and we want to protect and enhance the biodiversity of our site.

Our vision is to create a thriving community of land stewards, farmers, therapists, teachers, students, apprentices and volunteers working together on the land, supporting one another and the local community in a variety of important ways.

We’re a passionate and dynamic organisation which is committed to exploring traditional and indigenous practices as well as finding new and innovative ways of doing things.

In 2016 we became a Community Benefit Society. Find out more about what this means and how you can get involved.