The art of fire making (March 2, 2019)


Learn how to make a fire the natural way at Sacred Earth


The art of fire making is a skill that goes back to the origins of what it is to be a human being.

Our ancestors had to master the art of striking a flint or using a bow or hand drill if they wanted to survive. Many of our grandparents had to light a candle if they wanted to use the outside toilet at night. Even now, when we stare into those flickering flames, we feel a strange connection to something deeper.

In our modern world of screens and technology, this course will give you the chance to slow right down and connect with the natural world. You’ll learn about the different qualities of ash, birch, beech and oak, and the difference between soft and hard woods. You’ll also spend some time collecting dead wood and observing the wildlife.

The course covers different types of fire making, including natural tools like flint, bow drill and fire plow. It also looks at natural ways to collect and find different types of tinder and how to cope with strong winds, rain and freezing temperatures.

You’ll gain some very useful skills and knowledge, but you’ll also get the chance to really connect with your living natural environment and its resources.

The cost is £45 for the day and includes tea/coffee but please bring a packed lunch.