The ancient art of tracking (Feb 15-17, 2019)


Immerse yourself in the ancient art of tracking. This course will give you a deeper understanding of animals and the landscape around you.


Immerse yourself in the ancient art of tracking. This course is about much more than simply identifying animal tracks, it’s about gaining a deeper understanding of the animal itself, the landscape and the systems that make up the natural environment around you.

It has even been suggested that the art of tracking was the first example of science, practiced since the evolution of modern humanity.

A skilled tracker is able to discern all the clues, recreate the events that have occurred in the landscape and make predictions about where the animal has gone and what it will do next. Tracking is a non-invasive method of information gathering, in which potential stress for animals is minimised.

While this skill was originally used to gather food, it is also a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the natural world. You’ll learn new skills but you will also experience a deep connection with nature and you’ll come away feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

The course will be led by Sacred Earth founder and experienced tracker, Phil Greenwood. It’s a great family-friendly event and children are welcome if accompanied by an adult.

There is a day-only option on the Saturday (£55 per person) or you can camp onsite and stay for the whole weekend immersion experience (£150 per person), which will run Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For weekenders who don’t want to camp we can recommend local accommodation.