Foraging day (May 4, 2019)


Explore the woodlands, fields and hedgerows at Sacred Earth


May is a wonderful month to go foraging at Sacred Earth with everything coming into bloom across our fields, hedgerows and woodlands.

Throughout the course of the day you’ll explore our entire 40-acre site, led by our experienced land manager, Phil Greenwood.

Hedgerows and woods are usually the best places to find edible plants at this time of year. In particular, the Hawthorn – a stalwart of Mayday traditions across the UK – will be flowering. The young leaves, buds and flowers are all edible, and make a delicious addition to salads.

You’ll also be foraging for a range of edible flowers and nettles, which you’ll learn how to prepare for your main course.

An ecological survey has shown that Sacred Earth has a much higher variety of flora and fauna than the surrounding countryside and we have several conservation projects underway. All foraging will be done in a sustainable manner, so we don’t deprive birds and animals of their vital food sources.

We have dormice on our site and you’re also likely to get a glimpse of our resident herons, woodpeckers and buzzards. Phil will be happy to answer any questions you might have about plants or wildlife.

The cost is £45 per person for the day (10am-4pm). This includes tea/coffee but please bring something to add to the shared lunch.